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Up-river White Water Rafting on the Shubenacadie River. Nova Scotia's largest river.
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The Tides

Join us for an unforgettable Rafting experience...

The Worlds Highest Tides

Now you're UP-RIVER WHITE WATER RAFTING, riding the force of the highest tides in the world! As the contour of the river narrows, the sheer volume of water has nowhere to go but up. The tide is travelling 30 miles inland, quickly reversing the natural flow of the river. When the tide's running high, Shubie's tidal rapids can stir up 16 foot waves! In the course of your rafting adventure the river level will rise 20 to 30 feet.
Tidal Bore Rafting: Up-river White Water Rafting.
"Absolutely Brilliant"
We pride ourselves on our many years experience with friendly, knowledgeable service, and safety as our first priority.
"Absolutely Brilliant"
Nicole, Victoria, Australia

The Best Guides

With so much excitement you need to be confident that you, your friends and family are in capable hands. All our guides are experienced, trained and certified. Safety comes first. They know the river and they know how to navigate when she begins to boil. Your guides are knowledgeable about the river's history, geology and ecology, which they will describe throughout the tour. Most of all, Shubenacadie River Adventure Tour guides want to ensure that you have an incredible experience both on and off the river.


We Welcome You to a Truly Unforgettable Experience...

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